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Tree-based terminal file manager.
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bark is a tree-based terminal filesystem browser and file manager with vim-style key bindings.

Bark Browser Screenshot


  • ls-style file listing
  • vim-style navigation adapted for tree hierarchies
  • Basic file management (create, rename, edit, delete)
  • Support for Linux and Windows

See action/mod.rs for an up-to-date list of all key bindings.


  • Settings
  • File search
  • Visual mode for selecting multiple files
  • Ex commands for more complex operations
  • Directory statistics (total size, number of files, etc.)
  • Tree filtering (views that only include certain files)
  • Rebindable keys and macros


  1. Install Rust.
  2. Run cargo run to launch the application.
  3. Run scripts/build.sh or scripts/build.bat to build a release binary into the out/ folder.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Run scripts/wsl.sh from a Debian-based WSL environment to quickly install Rust and CMake into WSL.


Run docker build --output out . to build a release binary into the out/ folder on the host. BuildKit is required.


This project exists 1) because I couldn't find any tree-based file manager I liked and 2) because I wanted to have fun writing Rust, and I don't really want to spend time reading and reviewing pull requests.

For now, issues are closed, and I'm not accepting any major contributions — especially ones related to the roadmap. If you have a small idea, issue, or pull request, feel free to start a discussion.


For a full list of dependencies, see Cargo.toml.

This repository includes the sources of slab-tree (by iwburns) with a bug fix for set_root (by jsinger67) and additional modifications from me.