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This is primarily for me to keep track of changes and synchronize my configuration, so there aren't many comments or other documentation at the moment, but I might improve that later.
# Ansible
This repository includes an Ansible collection that will automatically clone this repository into `~/.dotfiles`. It can be installed with:
ansible-galaxy collection install git+https://github.com/chylex/dotfiles.git#/ansible/
# Files
### .ideavimrc
[IdeaVim](https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/164-ideavim) plugin for IntelliJ platform. Some parts require my [fork of IdeaVim](https://github.com/chylex/IntelliJ-IdeaVim/tree/customized/main), and my experimental [fork of AceJump](https://github.com/chylex/IntelliJ-AceJump/tree/experimental-rework). Belongs in the user home directory.
### .vimrc / .vim
Configuration for [Vim](https://www.vim.org/). Belongs in the user home directory.
You can install the vim plugins using the `chylex.dotfiles.vim_plugins` Ansible role, or manually by cloning git repositories listed in the [task file](ansible/roles/vim_plugins/tasks/main.yaml) into `~/.vim/pack/plugins/start`.
### .bashrc
Configuration for [Bash](https://www.gnu.org/software/bash/). Belongs in the user home directory.
### .tmux.conf
Configuration for [tmux](https://github.com/tmux/tmux). Belongs in the user home directory.
### Firefox / userChrome.css
Custom stylesheets for Firefox 94 or newer, designed for [Firefox Developer Edition](https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/developer). To install, place `userChrome.css` into the `chrome` folder:
- `%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile>\chrome` (Windows)
- `~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/chrome` (Linux)
Make sure that `toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets` is set to `true` in `about:config`.
The stylesheet includes:
- Compact toolbars
- Compact tabs with borders
- Compact address bar with less padding
- Repurposed bookmark toolbar as an addon bar on the bottom of the window
- Separate Reload / Stop buttons
- Removal of several menu items I don't care about
- Removal of update notifications
- Black window background
![Firefox UI](https://github.com/chylex/dotfiles/blob/main/.github/readme/firefox.png)