Minecraft mod that enhances the Resource Pack menu with folder support for easier pack organization, ability to search packs by name or description, new sorting options, and several other features. https://respacks.chylex.com/
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chylex 918f2b62f9 Release 1.1.0 for Minecraft 1.15.2+ (Fabric) 2020-02-24 08:22:58 +01:00
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Resource Pack Organizer

Project license

The source code and binaries are released under MPL 2.0.

The folder icon asset is made by FatCow (http://fatcow.com/free-icons) and licensed under CC BY 3.0 US.

Project setup guide

In order to setup a workspace to play around with the source code, first clone this repository using your Git client (make sure to select the correct branch, they are named by Minecraft versions; master is always the latest work in progress version).

Once you cloned the repository, import the Forge or Fabric project into your development environment. You may need to run gradlew genIntellijRuns or gradlew genEclipseRuns if there are no run configurations after importing the project.