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Welcome to the Nextcloud News App developer documentation.

News is open for contributions, if you plan to implement a new feature make sure to open a discussion. Describe the feature that you are planing and your first idea how to implement it. This ensures that you don't start working on something which collides with the targets of the maintainers.

For small fixes and improvements feel free to directly create a PR, the maintainers are happy to review your code.


News offers an API that can be used by clients to synchronize with the server. There are two API declarations, so far only V1 has been fully implemented. Work on V2 has started with low priority.

Coding Style Guidelines

The PHP code should all adhere to PSR-2. Note that this is a different codestyle than Nextcloud itself uses. To test the codestyle you can run make phpcs.

For linting JavaScript, a jshint file is used that is run before compiling the JavaScript.

General Developer setup

Check the Nextcloud documentation to learn how to setup a developer environment, alternatively to a proper web server you can also use the builtin php server on demand, it is enough for development purposes.

When your setup is running, clone the news repository in the apps/ directory inside the server.

Change into the news directory and run make to build the app, you will need php, composer, node, npm and maybe more.

Now you can basically use the news app and test your changes.

Running Integration tests locally

We use bats to run integration tests against the API and the cli.

Check how to install bats on your system in the official documentation.

You also need to pull the submodules of the news repo.

git submodules update --init

The cli tests expect that the feeds are reachable at http://localhost:8090, to achieve that you can use make feed-server & the & means it'll run in the background.

Now the test feeds will be reachable for bats. Run the tests by executing bats tests/command you can also only run specific tests for example bats tests/command/feeds.bats.

For the API tests you need to run a second php server or have another web server that provides Nextcloud and the News App. The tests expect to find Nextcloud at http://localhost:8080 You can do this by running make nextcloud-server.

The bats tests can be executed like this bats tests/api.