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chylex c8cacbe252
Release 1.3.0 17 hours ago
chylex 13f3c86afa
Fix inspections on LF characters causing line backgrounds to overflow to next line 18 hours ago
synopss 94602bd8f9 Add line background colors
Closes #14
19 hours ago
chylex 97422e1d42
Split and refactor EditorInlayLensManager 3 days ago
chylex beab4af5ca
Fix grammar errors 4 days ago
chylex 443b2b9a2d
Release 1.2.0 1 week ago
chylex e96961e10a
Remove IDEA project configuration files 1 week ago
chylex 7432c57e95
Fix compiler configuration 1 week ago
chylex 0f49339ca2
Refresh existing highlights when a new inspection severity mapping is registered 1 week ago
chylex 13f3002366
Add distinct colors for typos and Grazie inspections 1 week ago
chylex 44f2fa5c16
Refactor use of TextAttributes for inspection severities 1 week ago
chylex eb2faa2518
Fix markup model listener accessing UI from non-EDT threads in 2023.2 EAP
Closes #17
1 week ago
chylex c993b4f203
Release 1.1.2 1 month ago
chylex eb2d60f22d
Add plugin icon 1 month ago
chylex da47687696
Reorganize source code packages 1 month ago
chylex 86a3a87da2
Replace deprecated FileEditorManagerListener API 2 months ago
chylex 797efb48a2
Replace light/dark theme detection with a standard API 2 months ago
chylex 33bb46d0be
Update minimum version to 2023.1 2 months ago
chylex 87f6eda572
Release 1.1.1 5 months ago
chylex ca4fb0484a
Rewrite inlay hint priority calculation to use position in line instead of the whole document 5 months ago
chylex 0aff0f49ae
Optimize processing of inspection descriptions 5 months ago
chylex e2384a98a8
Sort highlights at the same position by severity 5 months ago
chylex 7c3910854d
Replace MultiParentDisposable with IntelliJ's Lifetime API 7 months ago
chylex ce85aa130d
Release 1.1.0 8 months ago
chylex 0e380a4658
Fix false positive compatibility problem in IntelliJ plugin verifier 8 months ago
chylex fd50ca90b6
Update IntelliJ Gradle plugin to 1.9.0 8 months ago
chylex e6be154f88
Strip HTML from inspection description 8 months ago
KostkaBrukowa 963c49a3c8 Unescape HTML entities in inspection description 8 months ago
chylex cd465ebc0e
Fix exception when async description supplier runs on a non-EDT thread 10 months ago
chylex 10461d2927
Release 1.0.0 10 months ago
chylex 06c81654e8
Add screenshot 10 months ago
chylex c9f59202d9
Add FUNDING.yml 10 months ago
chylex e3ca432e26
Fix not showing typo inspections after changing minimum severity level 10 months ago
chylex 55b71b982b
Add README and update the plugin description 10 months ago
chylex ef18a1d9b5
Fix exception if async description supplier returns null 10 months ago
chylex f29b80ac94
Improve performance when enabling/disabling the plugin in files with many inspections 10 months ago
chylex 85d85a3911
Hide inspections used only for custom text attributes introduced in 2022.2 10 months ago
chylex 20967f53d5
Update .gitignore 10 months ago
chylex beca5c89ac
Update minimum IDEA version to 2022.2 10 months ago
chylex 2eb185aa9d
Disable soft wrapping of inspection inlays 11 months ago
chylex 4d46af3224
Refactor to organize responsibilities and clarify code 11 months ago
chylex edef5787b4
Handle dynamic plugin loading and unloading 11 months ago
chylex 77a5119c8d
Implement inline rendering of inspections 11 months ago
chylex ac038ae79c
Add build and plugin configuration 11 months ago
chylex 9fd78f05cc
Add IDEA project files 11 months ago
chylex a6b5675899
Add Gradle wrapper 11 months ago
chylex a24bf6cf6e
Add license 11 months ago
chylex fca4180ffe
Initial commit 11 months ago