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Adds color to many of the gray IntelliJ platform icons. Uses resources from and some of the official IntelliJ platform plugins.

First release includes 176 updated icons. It should be compatible with most IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform. Please report any issues in particular IDEs, and any icons you would like to see changed.

Example IDE elements


IDE screenshot (before)

IDE screenshot (after)

Color Scheme

This is an overview of how colors are selected. Each entry has a short description, and a few examples.

Tool Windows

  • Purple Project Information (Structure, Hierarchy, Favorites, Find, Java EE)
  • Yellow Project Status (Messages, Inspections, Dynamic Program Analysis)
  • Red Build Tools (Build, Gradle, Ant, Maven, Gulp, CMake)
  • Green Execution (Debug, Run, Profile, Cover, Python Console)
  • Blue External Services (Terminal, Git, Database, NuGet)

Note that the Project tool window is supposed to be purple, but it doesn't work for unknown reasons.


  • Green Addition
  • Red Deletion
  • Yellow Editing / Hints (Edit Source, Intention Bulb, Find In Selection)
  • Blue Movement / Layout (Filter, Sort, Split, Expand, Collapse, Refresh)
  • Purple Special (Save, Print, Download, Upload, Import, Export, Pin)