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Better Sprinting


Network specification

If you are a server owner and want to disable the mod, or enable some of the singleplayer-only functions, see the Better Sprinting network specification which has all the information:

If you have a Forge server, you can just install the mod and use the /bettersprinting command to configure the behavior.

Project license

The source code, asset files, and official binaries are licensed under MPL-2.0. Note this only applies to commits and binaries published after 12 June 2019.

Project setup guide

In order to setup a workspace to play around with the source code, first clone this repository using your Git client (make sure to select the correct branch, they are named by Minecraft versions; master is always the latest work in progress version).

Once you cloned the repository, follow the Getting Started with Forge tutorial. You can skip the first 3 steps, the repository already comes with the Gradle build system.


If you want to do any large changes, please contact me first (open an Issue) with detail about what you want to do. I wouldn't want you to waste your time with a large Pull Request that will not get accepted.

When creating a Pull Request, please follow these guidelines:

  • Always target the master branch which contains the most recent code
  • Follow my code formatting style; most of it should be easy to pick up, here are a couple details:
    • Use tabs for indentation, spaces for alignment
    • No space between right parenthesis and left bracket: void method(){
    • No blank lines between imports
  • When updating the mod to a new Minecraft version, read UpdateTodo.txt for an overview of what needs to be done during each update