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Contributing to the Windows Community Toolkit

Thank you for exhibiting interest in contributing to the Windows Community Toolkit. The team is delighted to welcome you onboard to our exciting and growing project. Any contribution or value added go a long way to enhance the project!

In the next few steps, you will be able to see a glimpse of ways you can contribute to the Windows Community Toolkit.

🚨 It is highly recommended to visit Windows Community Toolkit Wiki where you can find complete and detail-oriented content of this page 🚨


Due to the high volume of incoming issues please keep our GitHub issues for bug reports and feature requests. For general questions, there is a higher chance of getting your question answered on StackOverflow where questions should be tagged with the tag windows-community-toolkit.

For missing documentation related question, please file an issue at Microsoft Docs.

🐛 Fix a Bug

If you find any bug, you can help the community by submitting an issue. Once the issue is filed, feel free to start working on the PR and submit a PR.

👌 Good First Issue

If this is your first time contributing to the Windows Community Toolkit (WCT) and do not have advanced level programming experience, we have got you covered 💥 WCT has a list of good first issue that can be a great entryway to find and fix any issues that best fit your expertise or technical background.

🙋 Help Wanted

WCT also has a list of issues that are labeled as help wanted. The level of complexity in the list can vary but if you have an advanced level of programming experience, feel free to jump in to solve these issues.

📬 Add New Feature

  • To contribute a new feature, fill out the Feature Request Template and provide detailed information to express the proposal.
  • Once the Feature Request is submitted, it will be open for discussion.
  • If it gets approved by the team, proceed to submit a PR of the proposed Feature.
  • If the PR contains an error-free code and the reviewer signs off, the PR will be merged.

📝 Add or Improve Documentation

Due to the involvement of multiple steps to add or improve documents; it is required to visit Windows Community Toolkit Wiki and follow contribution guidelines.

🚀 Create, Submit or Review Pull Request

Anyone can create a Pull Request by forking the Windows Community Toolkit Repository. Here is how you can Create a Pull Request from fork. Once you fork the Windows Community Toolkit repo, it is essential to create all changes in the feature branch of your forked repository. If you have the changes in the forked feature branch, you can then create a Pull Request in the main Windows Community Toolkit.

Please visit Windows Community Toolkit Wiki for detailed information and steps it requires to Submit or Review Pull Request.

💙 Thank You

Thank you so much for contributing to this amazing project. We hope you will continue to add value and find yourself as a highly reliable source to the Windows Community Toolkit.