Minecraft mod that enhances the Resource Pack menu with folder support for easier pack organization, ability to search packs by name or description, new sorting options, and several other features.
Updated 2020-09-11 19:35:58 +02:00
Minecraft mod that enables 1.18's world blending for worlds created in 1.18 snapshots.
Updated 2021-12-21 03:14:48 +01:00
Minecraft mod that lets you customize window title and icon.
Updated 2024-07-03 23:15:01 +02:00
Minecraft mod that delays sending chunks on login and adds a command to change view distance.
Updated 2021-11-14 03:41:14 +01:00
Minecraft mod that reloads server.properties without restarting.
Updated 2022-05-20 17:37:36 +02:00
Minecraft mod that adds many new options & keybindings for sprinting, sneaking, and flying. Supports Fabric & Forge.
Updated 2024-07-16 12:59:54 +02:00