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set autoindent
set encoding=utf-8
set history=1024
set hlsearch
set ignorecase
set incsearch
set infercase
set laststatus=2
set linebreak
set listchars=space,tab:>·,trail:~,extends:>,precedes:<
set modeline
set modelines=2
set mouse=a
set noerrorbells
set noshowcmd
set noshowmode
set number
set nrformats-=octal
set relativenumber
set scrolloff=999
set shiftwidth=0
set showbreak=
set showmatch
set sidescrolloff=999
set smartcase
set tabstop=4
set ttimeout
set ttimeoutlen=50
set ttymouse=xterm2
set wildmenu
set wrap
" Show full description for lines and bytes
set shortmess-=l
" Show search count
set shortmess-=S
" Color scheme
syntax enable
colorscheme custom
highlight LineNr ctermfg=244
highlight IncSearch ctermfg=251 ctermbg=238
highlight Search ctermfg=251 ctermbg=238
highlight Visual ctermfg=240 ctermbg=250
" Fix Alt mappings (https://github.com/vim/vim/issues/2588#issuecomment-697959290)
for ord in range(65, 90) + range(97, 122)
let char = nr2char(ord)
exec printf("set <m-%s>=\<esc>%s", char, char)
exec printf("tnoremap <silent> <m-%s> <esc>%s", char, char)
" Navigate editor tabs
noremap <M-h> gT
noremap <M-l> gt
" Map top row on Czech keyboard layout to digits
map + 1
map ě 2
map š 3
map č 4
map ř 5
map ž 6
map ý 7
map á 8
map í 9
map é 0
" Move some commands closer on Czech keyboard layout
nnoremap ú @@
noremap § ;
map ů %
map g%
sunmap ů
" Camel humps (https://github.com/vim-scripts/camelcasemotion)
map L <Plug>CamelCaseMotion_w
map H <Plug>CamelCaseMotion_b
sunmap L
sunmap H
omap iL <Plug>CamelCaseMotion_iw
xmap iL <Plug>CamelCaseMotion_iw
omap iH <Plug>CamelCaseMotion_ib
xmap iH <Plug>CamelCaseMotion_ib
" Navigate to end of previous word
noremap <M-b> ge
noremap <M-S-b> gE
" Navigate soft-wrapped lines
nnoremap <expr> j v:count ? 'j' : 'gj'
xnoremap <expr> j v:count ? 'j' : 'gj'
nnoremap <expr> k v:count ? 'k' : 'gk'
xnoremap <expr> k v:count ? 'k' : 'gk'
" Edit from cursor to start/end of parenthesized block
nnoremap c) c])
nnoremap d) d])
nnoremap c( c[((
nnoremap d( c[((<ESC>l
" Delete lines
nnoremap C cc
xnoremap C cc
nnoremap D dd
xnoremap D dd
" Enter visual block mode
map <M-v> <C-v>
" Indent keeping selection
xnoremap < <gv
xnoremap > >gv
xnoremap = =gv
" Turn capital letters into opposite actions
nnoremap U :redo<CR>
" Reselect pasted text
nnoremap gp `[v`]
" Put without yank
xnoremap p P
xnoremap P p
" Plugin: https://github.com/easymotion/vim-easymotion.git
nmap <Space> <Plug>(easymotion-overwin-f)
xmap <Space> <Plug>(easymotion-s)
omap <Space> <Plug>(easymotion-s)
" Plugin: https://github.com/machakann/vim-highlightedyank
let g:highlightedyank_highlight_duration = 500
" Plugin: https://github.com/luochen1990/rainbow
let g:rainbow_active = 1