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Jump to Line IntelliJ Plugin


The Jump to Line plugin allows you to get to any line of code while debugging. Drag and drop a yellow arrow to the desired place in the gutter, and it will put an execution point there. In contrast to stepping, the plugin enables you to start running your program from that point without executing the preceding code. Jumping to lines is possible both forward and backward within a function. Jump to line highlights the lines suitable for jumps in green. Making changes to some lines may break the workflow. Thats why the IDE will highlight any risky lines in yellow. You can still move to them, but you should first consider the possible inconsistencies that may result. Blogpost about this plugin with additional info and examples can be found here.

Supported platforms

IntelliJ IDEA 2020+ with Java and Kotlin JVM


Download plugin at JetBrains Marketplace

link to download

or Install it directly from IntelliJ IDEA with marketplace:

Preferences -> Plugins -> Marketplace -> Jump to Line


Apache License Version 2.0