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- main
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- main
- dev/*
- rel/*
vmImage: windows-2022
- job: BuildBits
timeoutInMinutes: 60
# Install NuGet
- task: NuGetToolInstaller@0
displayName: Install NuGet 6.0
versionSpec: 6.0.0
# Install NerdBank GitVersioning
- task: DotNetCoreCLI@2
displayName: Install NBGV tool
command: custom
custom: tool
arguments: update -g nbgv
# Set Build Version
- script: nbgv cloud
displayName: Set NBGV version
# Verify headers
- pwsh: build/Update-Headers.ps1 -Verify
displayName: Verify headers
# Build solution
- script: dotnet build -c Release
displayName: Build solution
# Run .NET 6 tests
- script: dotnet test -c Release -f net6.0 -l "trx;LogFileName=VSTestResults_net6.0.trx"
displayName: Run .NET 6 unit tests
# Run .NET Core 3.1 tests
- script: dotnet test -c Release -f netcoreapp3.1 -l "trx;LogFileName=VSTestResults_netcoreapp3.1.trx"
displayName: Run .NET Core 3.1 unit tests
# Run .NET Framework 4.7.2 tests
- script: dotnet test -c Release -f net472 -l "trx;LogFileName=VSTestResults_net472.trx"
displayName: Run .NET Framework 4.7.2 unit tests
# Publish test results
- task: PublishTestResults@2
displayName: Publish test results
testResultsFormat: 'VSTest'
testResultsFiles: '**/VSTestResults*.trx'
condition: always()
# Create the NuGet package(s)
- script: dotnet pack -c Release
displayName: Create NuGet package(s)
# Sign package(s)
- pwsh: build/Sign-Package.ps1
displayName: Authenticode sign packages
SignClientUser: $(SignClientUser)
SignClientSecret: $(SignClientSecret)
ArtifactDirectory: bin/nupkg
condition: and(succeeded(), not(eq(variables['Build.Reason'], 'PullRequest')), not(eq(variables['SignClientSecret'], '')), not(eq(variables['SignClientUser'], '')))
# Publish build artifacts
- publish: bin/nupkg
artifact: Packages
displayName: Publish package artifacts