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# Set default file-type attributes
# All file types
* text=auto
# Markups
*.md text=auto diff=markdown
*.mdx text=auto diff=markdown
# Solutions
*.sln text=auto eol=crlf
*.slnx text=auto
# Projects
*.*proj text=auto
*.tasks text=auto
*.props text=auto
*.targets text=auto
# Sources
*.cs text=auto diff=csharp
*.csx text=auto diff=csharp
*.resx text=auto
# Scripts
*.in text eol=lf
*.sh text eol=lf
*.bat text eol=crlf
*.cmd text eol=crlf
# Images
*.png binary
*.jpg binary
*.gif binary
# Keys
*.snk binary
*.pfx binary
*.cer binary
# Others
# Preserve Line endings in diff and patch files
*.diff -text
*.patch -text
# Exclude git meta files from exporting
.gitattributes export-ignore
.gitignore export-ignore
.gitkeep export-ignore